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About Us

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce represents more than 580+ businesses with more than 70,000 employees. For more than a century, the Tempe Chamber has been dedicated to sustaining Tempe’s quality of life and keeping our community and economy vibrant.

Advocacy | Connection | Visibility

Our strength is derived from our members. Those who invest in the community through membership in the Tempe Chamber support initiatives in education and workforce development, public policy, and business development. Together we provide a unified voice for business and support a stronger economy and an improved quality of life.

Membership in the Tempe Chamber is an investment in the future of our business community.  Because the Tempe Chamber is privately funded, member investments like yours make our work possible. We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through advocacy, connection, and visibility.

The Tempe Chamber is the recognized voice of business. We make a bottom-line impact for the community by advocating for a favorable business climate through interactive public policy engagement and providing ongoing representation in government at local, state and federal levels. It is important that we take positions on legislation affecting the business environment so that policy can encourage economic growth, not hinder it.

Through more than 65 annual events and programs attended by more than 8,000 business professionals, the Tempe Chamber provides a place for you to connect with other business leaders and the community.  We facilitate network development among our members through training workshops, committees, mixers and conferences.  Our programs and events build relationships and develop leadership skills, while serving the greater community. By creating active and engaged leaders, we ensure that our region has a bright future.

The Tempe Chamber seeks to promote its members to the entire business community, prospective residents and businesses through a variety of printed materials, as well as through social and digital media.  Our online membership directory received more than 40,000 search requests last year. Our social media outreach continues to enhance the benefits of membership with 7,000 Twitter, 1,850 Facebook, 725 Instagram and 655 LinkedIn followers.  In addition, The Business Advocate e-newsletter goes out each week to 3,000 subscribers.

As we continue to represent and promote our membership and the community, the Tempe Chamber invites you to share our excitement in celebrating our unique heritage and promising future. We are proud to have been a partner in Tempe’s long history of growth and achievement and look forward to many more years of making your success our business.

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