10 Best Virtual Networking Tips

Author: Brett Farmiloe

10 Best Virtual Networking Tips


Networking in person is off the table for the time being. But this does not mean that connecting with other professionals is canceled. In fact, there are numerous ways to expand your professional network while adhering to distancing guidelines. 

Below, 10 thought leaders share their best tips and ideas for virtual networking success.


Authenticity Matters

Focus on quality over quantity. Reach out to three people in your network with whom you may have lost the connection and re-ignite it over a video chat or phone call. Create a personal connection first, then explore opportunities to help each other.

Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet


Show Up Early

It's still important to connect with people. It's OK to ask how people are doing. Show up a few minutes early and get in on the small talk that happens before the meeting gets into full swing.

Peter Adams, Ping! Development


Office Hours

Create daily or weekly 'open office hours' and let your networks know you're open to meeting anyone during those times. Using an app like Calendly to manage scheduling of virtual meetings makes this super easy.

Mike Jones, Resound Creative


Dress for the Occasion

Treat the meeting just like you would an in-person event. Dress appropriately, make eye contact and stay off your phone or other websites.

Nicole Spracale, Nicole Spracale Coaching & Consulting


Virtual Coffee Hour

Instead of making a traditional email introduction, I like to schedule a virtual coffee with all parties. It’s a fun way to make a virtual call seem less cold.

Erika Acorn, Tempe Chamber of Commerce


Don’t Discuss Business

During quarantine or stay-at-home orders make the most of your time by calling (or emailing if you can't call) your network to check in regarding their health (and their family's health). Do not discuss business unless your connection brings it up. To do anything else would be inappropriate and boorish.

Robert S. Reder, Blythe Grace PLLC


Check in with your Contacts

Invest more in your existing relationships. It may be tempting to want to "network" and develop new contacts. But now is the time to check in on the people you care about within your network. Are you well? Still employed? How's business? Make it a point to check in with your contacts to make networking a two-way street.

Brett Farmiloe, Local SEO Company


Engage, Don’t Just Connect 

It’s relatively easy to click “Connect” on LinkedIn or “Follow” on other social media platforms, but the trick to successful virtual networking is to actually engage and build meaningful relationships with those connections. After you make a connection, send that person a message introducing yourself and asking them thought-provoking questions to begin to build rapport. Once the introduction has been made, continue to follow up with that person by sending relevant industry news or by simply checking in on their professional accomplishments, don’t just message them when you need something. 

John Yardley, Threads


Share Your Knowledge 

One of the best ways to create a professional connection is to offer something that adds value. If you are someone with polished writing skills and you have something of value to share, submitting articles and blogs to industry publications or groups will allow business professionals to engage with your content and connect with you over your work. Don’t be afraid to share the knowledge you have with other professionals.

Court Will, Will & Will


Join Groups 

Facebook and LinkedIn have thousands of groups for anyone and everyone to join specifically to their industry and niche. Once you are added to these groups, don’t be afraid to post and comment. This is not only a great way to connect with like-minded individuals on a social platform, but it’s also a great way to stay up to date on industry trends and news, better educating yourself in the field. 

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie