10 Ways To Build More Workplace Diversity

Author: Brett Farmiloe

10 Ways To Build More Workplace Diversity

How can organizations consciously build more workplace diversity?

To help small businesses build workplace diversity, we asked business leaders and HR professionals this question for their best tips. From utilizing professional recruiting services to having a diverse hiring team, there are several pieces of advice that may help you build diversity for years to come.


Here are ten recommendations for building more workplace diversity:


  • It All Starts With the Job Posting
  • Get Involved in Diverse Communities
  • Look Towards Your Internal Team
  • Treat All People Well
  • Utilize Professional Recruiting Services
  • Select Diverse Core Values
  • Don’t Go it Alone
  • Stay Educated on Current Diversity Demographics
  • Have a Diverse Hiring Team
  • Use Team Challenges to Unify Diverse Teams




It All Starts With the Job Posting

Building more workplace diversity requires inclusive, equitable practices from the very start of the hiring process. Expand your organization’s talent search sources. Ensure that the job postings use inclusive language, and consider qualification alternatives that attract candidates that have taken different paths to gain experience. Make sure that your interview practices mitigate inherent biases. Once you hire employees that expand your diversity, your organization must have thoughtfully considered inclusive practices within the culture. If an employee’s voice can’t be heard, or they don’t feel embraced into the organization, they will leave. One way to make sure that an employee is included is to encourage active allyship within meetings.


Jen Coyne, The PEAK Fleet


Get Involved in Diverse Communities

If an employer is looking to add more diversity to their workplace they should be more proactive to find these diverse candidates. These activities include being involved in diverse communities in the area, recruiting from state and local colleges, and looking abroad at candidates with the necessary skillsets. Building a diverse workplace doesn’t just happen, it takes active recruiting and a plan of action to accomplish this goal.


Mark Smith, UAT


Look Towards Your Internal Team

Start by looking for talents outside your expectations. Seek out candidates that have interesting backgrounds and ask challenging questions. Additionally, keep your internal workforce engaged and note each employee's strengths and areas for improvement. Utilize internal employees for cross-functional projects.


Shelbey Grimes, Trinity Air Medical


Treat All People Well

Seek to treat people well no matter who they are. Focusing on the positive things people bring to the workplace is more important than focusing on how diverse a workplace is. I think sometimes when we focus on diversity primarily, we miss the most important idea of diversity, which is treating people well no matter who they are.


Susan Walker, Walker Bookstore


Utilize Professional Recruiting Services

Recruiters are better at finding diverse candidates and do not deny them job opportunities based on age, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, or political background. They can help you bring like-minded talent to your organization that will help you stretch your company's vision. The more diverse talent that is seated at your table the more well-rounded initiatives can be executed to target a broader customer base.


LT Ladino Bryson, vCandidates


Select Diverse Core Values

Core values help attract and repel candidates to a company. By selecting a diverse set of core values that represent the beliefs of your company, you’ll be able to attract a diverse set of candidates. At Markitors, one of our core values that resonates with quite a few candidates is “You Are Unique” - which is to respect the uniqueness of every human being. By incorporating core values into the recruitment and candidate selection process, organizations can ensure that they make hiring decisions that support diversity and inclusion.


Brett Farmiloe, Markitors


Don’t Go it Alone

Just as faith is dead without works, so is diversity without equity and inclusion. Organizations just getting started are already woefully behind. And those who've committed time and resources know they've just scratched the surface of what must be achieved. Whatever you do, don't go it alone. There are experts in this field that can help organizations realize great success, making for loyal employees and invested communities.


Julia Young, Donor Network of Arizona


Stay Educated on Current Diversity Demographics

I believe understanding and staying educated on current diversity demographics in your home state is a great place to start. Ideal workplace diversity should replicate the larger community in which it exists. Having an annual review of employee and customer composition allows decision-makers to identify what people groups may not be represented. Knowledge of a diversity baseline will assist conscious leaders to create an internal culture replicating the community at large.


Candace Cotton, HALO Branded Solutions


Have a Diverse Hiring Team

First and Foremost, look at who is doing the hiring. Have a Diverse panel on your Hiring Board. When conducting interviews make the interviews equal and the same across the board. Do not have a set of questions that differ from candidate to candidate. Set the net far and wide and select many. Ultimately, pick the best candidate regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, or disability.


Bobby Zavala, University of Dubuque LIFE


Use Team Challenges to Unify Diverse Teams

Use problem-solving team challenges to support the organizational projects and process improvements. Cross-functional experts can often help find solutions a single operating team might not. It also builds awareness across teams so colleagues have a basis for understanding how service workflows support each other. Valuable, fun, and unifying.


Felicity Blackwater, Purpose Community


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