7 Financial Marketing Strategies To Attract More Clients

Author: Brett Farmiloe


8 Financial Marketing Strategies To Attract More Clients

What is one marketing strategy that can help financial planners attract more clients?

To help small businesses attract more clients with financial marketing strategies, we asked business leaders and marketing experts this question for their best strategic advice. From tailoring the financial plan to marketing automation features there are several great tips that may help you attract more clients in the future.

Here are seven great financial marketing strategies to attract more clients:

  • Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Continually Look for Growth Opportunities
  • Tailor the Financial Plan
  • Market Automation Features
  • Don’t Forget About Basic Principles
  • Online Testimonials
  • Have a Relationship

Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, or search engine optimization, can help financial companies and advisors connect with prospective clients at the time they are most interested in financial services. For example, a prospective client may type a keyword phrase like “startup business loan” or “retirement planner tempe” into a search engine. Financial SEO is the process of building visibility in search engine results pages for these types of searches. Effective strategies can include a combination of local SEO, digital PR, and other lead generation techniques designed to connect your business with more prospective customers.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Continually Look for Growth Opportunities

In order to attract more clients, a financial marketing strategy is continually looking for growth opportunities. Growth may not always be financial, but look for a way to diversify yourself and your business.

Shelbey Grimes, Trinity Air Medical

Tailor the Financial Plan

Making the financial plan tailored to the individual is key. Learning what their goals are to then map solutions to their needs will bring the most value to the client. Creating happy clients builds the financial planning business.

Michelle Tinsley, YellowBird Holdings Inc

Market Automation Features

Financial planners need to be pushing hard to automate finances. Saving, investing, diversifying, are all practices that should be marketed. This is not a glamorous industry or something “cool” to promote, but it is very important for people to do. The marketing material should be focused on automating these functions to secure your future and give you the things you want as an individual. People want financial freedom and financial security which can be promoted through automating everything so the client just focuses on living.

Mark Smith, UAT

Don’t Forget About Basic Principles

These days when people hear the word marketing, they most often think of social media and how to sell their product or service by posting online. Ten years ago, that was not the case. As an entrepreneur for over 18 years, I can tell you that the marketing platforms will change, but there are basic principles that will not. Here are five timeless marketing tips that every financial planner should do to grow their business...

1) Brand yourself and your business first.

2) Be where your potential clients are.

3) Be authentic.

4) Stay consistent.

5) Follow through.

Kelly Lorenzen, KLM Consulting

Online Testimonials

Financing can sometimes be a dry subject. I think a good strategy would be pushing ROI testimonials through digital marketing, like social media and PR (publications or media outlets), which can show and demonstrate the confidence a potential client would need to call or inquire about a consultation. Also, having dogs, a smiling family, children, and grandchildren (universal things that make people happy) as photos or videos in your marketing efforts could help make the right impression of your company to attract more clients.

Patrick Menzel, Internal Profits, LLC

Have a Relationship

Every transaction, every referral, every business deal should begin with a relationship. Before any financial planner in Tempe or elsewhere asks a potential client to invest his or her hard-earned funds, have a relationship first. Know your clients’ business, know what makes your client "tick." Know their fears, know your clients’ "why". Once you have built the relationship, your client will trust you, "buy-In" to you, and will make the whole process smoother and more beneficial for both parties.

Bobby Zavala, University of Dubuque LIFE

Developing Referral Relationships with Business Loan Providers 

With more than 200,000 personal financial advisors in the US, attracting clients can be a tough thing to do for most financial advisors. Consider developing referral relationships with business loan providers so that small business owners can obtain the right financing and financial help. By partnering with the right funding sources, everyone has the chance to win: the small business owner, the funding source, and the financial advisor.  

Grant Ferguson, Unsecured Funding Source


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