8 Green Business Ideas for Sustainably-Minded Businesses

Author: Brett Farmiloe

What are some green business ideas for a sustainably-minded business?

To help business owners and entrepreneurs integrate sustainability into their organization (or even create a new company), we asked business experts this question for their best insights. From starting an environmental blog to working from home, there are several tips that may inspire you to go green.

Here are eight green business ideas that can elevate your organization or help you start a new venture:

  • Invest in Ensuring a Plastic Neutral Footprint
  • Work From Home or Build a Hybrid Schedule
  • Start an Environmental Blog
  • Create Green Cleaning Products
  • Provide Commuting Options and Talk to Your Team
  • Consider an Energy Consulting Firm
  • Set Up a Sustainability Calendar
  • Poll Your Customers on Their Sustainable Habits


Invest in Ensuring a Plastic Neutral Footprint

I often hear frustration from companies that know they require plastic for their product to function, wondering how they can contribute better to protecting mother earth. And I can relate! My company is the Dollar Shave Club of mascara, and mascara just can't survive without its plastic tube. 

I was delighted when I learned that I could partner with organizations that remove and recycle plastic to ensure that we can have a company-wide plastic neutral footprint. It feels good to do our part to ensure that we leave this world a better place than we found it.

Christie Kerner, My Little Mascara Club


Work From Home or Build a Hybrid Schedule

Working from home fully or having a hybrid work schedule is a green business idea. With more and more people working from home, there are fewer cars on the road and less traffic, which ultimately reduces our carbon footprint. 

If working from home is not an option, then consider utilizing co-working spaces. At Markitors, we currently use the co-working space at Industrious. With co-working space, you have the ability to collaborate and innovate in a way you may not otherwise be able to while working from home, and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Rronniba Pemberton, Markitors


Start an Environmental Blog

Blogging is a great way to get your ideas heard. You can publish news about climate change on a consistent basis to keep readers engaged. The public would like to stay informed on new environmental concerns and strategies for reducing our carbon footprint. Through your blog, you can also get advertising revenue. 

Aiden Cole, Tatbrow


Create Green Cleaning Products

A great green business idea is to produce environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Green products are useful for sustainably-minded businesses because everyone needs to clean their homes, offices, and any space people live in. This way, there are no harmful chemicals being spread into the environment or our lives.

Justin Chan, June Shine


Provide Commuting Options and Talk to Your Team

Offer remote workdays and commuting options for your employees. Whether it’s providing bike-to-work groups, carpool options, or even passes for public transportation, lowering your footprint can be achieved by working in a community with the same goal. In addition to this, try asking your employees what they think would make the business more sustainable and how they would like to pursue it.

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty


Consider an Energy Consulting Firm

Starting an energy consulting company can be an excellent idea for a sustainable green business, as an audit of a single-family house is a project for an energy consulting firm. Making suggestions for massive data centers that consume a lot of power, government organizations with many public buildings, and significant national corporations with many sites are examples of larger commercial projects.

Energy consulting firms provide clients with energy audit reports that include precise suggestions for energy saving and efficiency. Clients are also informed about future tax benefits for investing in alternative energy systems.

Axel Hernborg, Tripplo


Set Up a Sustainability Calendar

Sustainability is becoming more important each day as we work to help reverse some of the damage that's been inflicted upon our planet. One way to bring your green ideas into the office is to set up a sustainability calendar.

Each week, contribute a new tip or strategy and introduce it to the entire team. This can be a bonding experience for the group, especially if you encourage them to suggest tips for the calendar and even offer fun incentives!

Sara Pereda, MuteSix


Poll Your Customers on Their Sustainable Habits

Get real data on what your customers already do by asking them about their sustainability habits. It is much easier to work your sustainable, green idea into the lifestyle that your customers already have rather than forcing them into your idea of the best green lifestyle. 

For example, we make protein bars at my company. How do you make a single-serving snack wrapper sustainable? We polled our customers. Do they compost? Do they have access to recycling systems? Do they take the wrapper out of their home? Do they throw it out on the go, or would they bring it home to compost it? In the end, we found the greenest and most attainable solution for our customers was 100% recyclable packaging.

Drew Lederman, Resist Nutrition


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