AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Tempe/Downtown wins Hotel of the Year Award


AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Tempe/Downtown won the Hotel of the Year award from the hotel management company Pacific Hospitality Group.  AC Hotel Tempe opened its doors on Rio Salado Parkway on June 9, 2016.


 Hotel View Exterior  AC Marriott Lobby AC Marriott Room


One of the highlights the Hotel has shown success in 2017 was doing a fantastic job controlling expenses.  Along with a strong flow through, the hotel ended at 105.6% RevPar Index and at 115.3% RevPar Index on 3 months. 


The hotel values its team members and thinks of each other as family members.  AC Hotel Tempe scored a 4.43 out of 5 in its very first team member survey.  As Mr. Marriott has stated to “treat your team members right and the rest will follow”.  AC Hotel Tempe ranked 4th on Guest Service Scores for AC Hotels out of 14 hotels in 2017. 


Last but not least, AC Hotel Tempe’s very own General Manager, Patti Hunt, was recognized at the Marriott Conference as GM of the year for the AC Brand!