Fun Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Remote Teams

Author: Brett Farmiloe

Holiday parties will be different this year. 


Sure, social distancing will dramatically alter the logistics of party planning. A solid majority of us in Arizona haven’t seen our co-workers in person since March. 


But in addition, there’s also the sentiment of 2020 to take into consideration. Many businesses are completing their toughest year ever in business. Employees who were at last year’s holiday party may not be at this year’s event. 

And then, there’s the question of, “Is a holiday party even worth it?” 


Let’s dive into some of those considerations, and explore some fun virtual holiday party ideas for teams who have gone remote this year. 

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas (via Zoom)

Employers have the potential to provide an experience that creates new, long-lasting memories within their team and family members. When the prospect of a virtual holiday party takes on that perspective, hosting a short, virtual holiday get-together is too important of an event to pass up. 


Here’s a few virtual holiday party ideas companies are planning to host. 

Virtual Holiday Party Games

One big trend in virtual holiday parties this year is “games.” 


Several team-building companies are offering virtual game-play experiences ranging from murder mysteries to game show challenges. These games typically come in two formats: virtually hosted with assistance or self-hosted with everything you need to succeed. 


If you have a close-knit team who enjoys a challenge, perhaps a virtual holiday party game could be a nice, short way to spend some quality time together.

Food & Beverage Pairing + Zoom Event

One of the irreplaceable elements of a holiday party is delectable food paired with a nice beverage. Companies this year are keeping that tradition alive by purchasing and producing food and beverage boxes prepared especially for a Zoom event. 


Each party guest receives a party box equipped with perfectly paired food and drinks, as well as personalized gifts and great swag. Some events have a professional lead the presentation of each pairing, which can certainly help fill up the time on Zoom. 


Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange

Giving gifts to fellow co-workers can be a pretty entertaining endeavor. Brainstorming ideas prior to the event and providing a gift can lead to a fun build up to event night. 


Offices can coordinate a gift exchange by asking team members to send in a random, fun gift virtually. Guests can open the gifts via a virtual event, and instantly you have a fun exchange and experience. 


Alternatively, Secret Santa is a fun variation of a white elephant gift exchange, where team members can draw names and exchange gifts at the event. 

Take a Lesson Together

Some of the best team building experiences seem to be a class or lesson that the team takes together. Whether that’s a painting class, pottery lesson, or wine tasting experience, acquiring a new skill through a shared experience can be a priceless way to spend time. 


Plus, you can support some other small businesses who have gone virtual in 2020. Just conduct an online search for virtual classes near me and discover a list of ideas that may suit your team’s interests. 

Virtual Holiday Party Theme

Selecting a theme for your virtual holiday party can be a way to drum up some excitement. Whether the theme may be a favorite movie, holiday, or other interest close to your company, a theme enables everyone to put on a costume and have a little fun. 

How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party

If 2020 has taught businesses anything, it’s how to host a virtual gathering. But, when planning a holiday party, there’s a few extra steps to take. 


  • Make your guest list. Be sure to allow +1’s or more because guests will likely be at home.
  • Select your idea. You’ll need to fill up at least an hour of time for guests. Select your idea from the list above so that people aren’t sitting around idly on yet another Zoom call. 
  • Send invites. Make sure guests have the login information, link, password, or anything else to help them prepare for the event. 
  • Define dress code. Especially for themed parties, guests will want to know about dress code. Share the criteria so no one feels overdressed, underdressed, or uncomfortable. 
  • Test your games. If you are opting for virtual games, make sure to test them before you put them into production. 
  • Make the speech. Company leaders always should share a few words at the event. Make sure you have a few notes prepared so people leave with a positive feeling about all they’ve experienced in 2020. 


If there’s any doubt about having a holiday party this year, hopefully these ideas and next steps inspire you to embrace the uniqueness of 2020 and host a virtual event. Happy Holidays to you and yours. 


Brett Farmiloe is the Founder and CEO of Markitors, an SEO company for small businesses. 2020 will mark his fifth holiday party that he has hosted, and the first one that is virtual. Brett is also the founder of Terkel, a platform that connects brands with expert insights.