How to Build Consumer Confidence in your Brand

Author: Brett Farmiloe

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The most successful companies in the world all have one thing in common; top-notch branding. Branding includes everything from your logo to the design of your powerpoints, and it is important because it has the power to distinguish you even in the most saturated markets. With that said, having a strong brand alone isn’t enough - you need your audience to buy into it as well!

To find out how to build consumer confidence in your brand, we’ve asked 10 experts to weigh in. Below you can find all of their tips for building a loyal base of brand advocates!


Gather Testimonials

Testimonials are key. Be sure you ask every customer many times how you and your product rate. With the birth of Yelp, consumers make decisions based on the ratings and feedback of others. With each purchase or new user, be sure you send them a one-click call to action to leave you a Google or Yelp review.

Sukki Jahnke, Tempe Chamber of Commerce


Showcase Your Personality

Your consumer confidence plan begins and ends with You. You are the face of your company. Be positive, be loyal, be empathetic, be confident but don't be arrogant. Be a person that does what he or she says and always be a person that others can count on.

Bobby Zavala, University of Dubuque LIFE Tempe


Be Consistent With Product Delivery and Customer Service

My number one tip on building consumer confidence in your brand is to be consistent with product delivery and the level of service you provide, each and every time your client interacts with you. There is nothing worse than having a wonderful transaction or interaction as a consumer, expecting the same thing when you come back for more, only to find out it was a fluke. Remember that each member of your team represents your brand and how one person does something is how everyone ought to be doing it. 

I recently bought something online and when it was delivered, I was pleasantly surprised by a personal note on the outside of the package. Sure enough, every time I've ordered from this company since then, I look forward to seeing my first name and a message on the box before I even open it. Make your consumer touchpoints count and make sure they are consistent!

Karen Nowicki, Business RadioX


Stick to Your Core Product and Values

Be consistent, stick to your core product and company values and do not waver. By allowing consumers to know what to expect with your brand and delivering a consistently great experience, they’ll become brand advocates and come back again and again.

Zack McCarty, Qwick


Be Honest About Your Interactions With Your Audience

One of the ways you can do this is to make your reviews, good and bad, public. Consumers trust those who they believe have nothing to hide, so be transparent about what people say about you and your brand. Consumers tend to trust those businesses who post their negative reviews as well as their positive ones. A perfect review history appears suspicious to audiences.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Always be Open to Feedback 

Make sure consumers know exactly who to contact if they ever have questions, concerns or complaints about your product or service. To build consumer confidence in your brand, you need to be easily accessible for communication and open to constructive criticism. It will only make your business better and lets consumers know that you are willing to listen. 

Kayla Centeno, Markitors 


Make Room for Customer Reviews

Building consumer confidence in your brand is crucial for retaining a loyal customer base. One tip that will help build confidence in your brand is customer reviews. If you do not have a space on your website for customers to share their voice, make that the next thing you do. People are more likely to be confident in your product if they read that other people have had a positive experience. It is a small way that you can show off the success your brand is having and show potential customers that your product is worth the purchase.

Candi Luciano, Y Scouts


Remember That Brand Loyalty Is a Two Way Street

I believe the best way to build consumer confidence is consistency of excellence.  If the goal is to over deliver for every customer the same way you would for a family member or best friend, the mistakes tend to be few and far between. Customers begin to trust your company and deepen their brand loyalty.

Candace Cotton, Halo Branded Solutions


Regularly Communicate With Your Audience

Be transparent and share your brand across all channels. All parts of your digital presence, ranging from your emails to your social media posts, are part of the customer experience. This is the space to remind people of your existence and if you're not active there and reminding people who you are, well, your competition definitely is.

Megan Coghlan, Backcourt Marketing


Make a Promise and Keep It

What's your brand promise? Value buy? Quality? Luxury? Whatever you decide to have as your brand promise, you have to make sure the consumer knows this promise. Yell it at them if you have to. Wal-Mart's brand promise is "everyday low prices". How do I know? They yell it at everyone.

Once you have a promise, keep it. Don't try to be everything to everyone. Wal-Mart and Target shoppers are different, why? Because the two companies have different promises and they keep those promises Consumers will come to the company that has the best promise for them.

Layton Cox, Marketing Consultant