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Statement Regarding the City of Tempe’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

Posted on | May 8, 2017 | Comments Off on Statement Regarding the City of Tempe’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce has released the following statement regarding the City of Tempe’s review of the Medical Marijuana Amendment:


The Tempe City Council is considering increasing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries within our borders. The proposal is to increase from the two we have today to as many as 34. The Tempe Chamber of Commerce opposes this proposed expansion for a variety of reasons.

A business looks at quality of life issues when considering a community in which to move into, launch or grow. Such a dramatic increase in the number of marijuana dispensaries has the potential of harming Tempe’s quality of life.

Tempe is a welcoming community. From families and students to employees and senior citizens, Tempe is a great place to grow a business. Removal of the cap on marijuana dispensaries communicates that our community is a haven for the questionable activity associated with an illegal substance.

Expanding dispensaries will cause tourists and business customers, including potential ASU students and their parents, to think twice about investing in our community.  For these reasons, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce stands with ASU and the Tempe Coalition in opposing any increase in the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in our community.


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