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Gail Is Nothing But Trouble! A Message from the Tempe Chamber Chairman of the Board

Change can be new and even scary based on uncertainty. However, changing the way we show up each and every single day is entirely within our control. We have free will and a choice to either be overwhelmed and afraid of change (completely understandable – but don’t live there) – or the opportunity to harness the energy of change, creating an exciting adventure in all aspects of our business and professional lives, writes Tempe Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Brian Wood

Three Principles of Business I Learned from Playing Sports

I thought it would be fun to compare my twenty four years of playing and coaching rugby to show that I believe that rugby was part of the learning basis for being involved in business and the starting of businesses.

New Chairman of the Board Tim Ronan Greets Business Community

New Tempe Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Tim Ronan Greets Business Community

Put a little Spring in your Business

Now that spring is here, we need to put a little spring into our businesses! The Tempe Chamber can help you do that with many great programs and motivational opportunities. So after you take in a few Spring Training baseball games, it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your business.

Chamber Programming Helps Businesses Meet Goals

Let’s make 2015 a strong year for our personal and business needs and making the Tempe Chamber part of that goal!

Membership Makes a Difference! A Message from the Chairman of the Board

None of this would’ve happened if I didn’t join my neighborhood Chamber when I moved my business here 8 years ago.

Message from the Chairman of the Board Kristine Kassel

Message from the Chairman of the Board
by Kristine Kassel, Benefits by Design

Welcome to Our New Chairman of the Board, Kristine Kassel

A thank you for the opportunity to chair the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors this year. I look forward to using my business and leadership knowledge to help all our members move forward through the excitement and challenges that lie ahead

Unsure about Common Core: Is the future of education at stake?

A recent Gallup Poll indicated that 60 percent of Americans don’t understand Common Core. I’m here to tell you that like voting in elections, educating yourself and getting involved in the future of education is one of the most important things you can do.

High Voter Turnout in Primaries is Critical to Sound Election Process

August 26th is primary election day in Tempe. Based on historical turnout, less than one in four eligible voters will decide who will run in the November general election to determine who will occupy three Tempe City Council seats.

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