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Tempe Chamber Signs Letter Urging Trump Administration to Modernize NAFTA, “Do No Harm”

TEMPE, Ariz. – The Tempe Chamber of Commerce on Monday joined more than 300 state and local business associations from across all 50 states in expressing its support for a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and urging the Trump administration to “do no harm” as negotiations continue. In a letter sent to President Donald […]

Statement Regarding the City of Tempe’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce has released the following statement regarding the City of Tempe’s review of the Medical Marijuana Amendment:   The Tempe City Council is considering increasing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries within our borders. The proposal is to increase from the two we have today to as many as 34. The Tempe […]

Farewell Letter from Mary Ann Miller

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce announced today that Chamber President/CEO Mary Ann Miller will be leaving after more than 21 years at the Tempe Chamber. She will leave her position effective August 31, 2016.

Sick Leave Mandate Will Hurt Tempe

The Tempe Chamber is opposed to adding this forced sick leave pay mandate to businesses for many reasons, but first and foremost because it will place Tempe businesses at a disadvantage in the region, increasing their costs relative to the competitor down the street, or in some cases, across the street.

We Are Your Linemen

We’re on the front lines every day watching for City, County, State and Federal laws and regulations that can impede your growth or create a disadvantage relative to businesses in a neighboring community.

My Pledge for Christmas in July

So here’s what I’m going to do: every time I have a meal I didn’t pay for, I’m going to donate $1 to United Food Bank. That means anytime I’m invited to sit at a corporate table, every time someone treats me to lunch, every time I take someone out and expense it, and any time someone invites me to their house for dinner, I give a dollar to United Food Ban

The Tempe Chamber is Looking out for Business

Armed with our policy agendas, Tempe Chamber staff can analyze proposals to see if they fall under its tenets and advocate accordingly. We partner with other organizations both to make our voice stronger and to forge workable compromises.

Watching Out For Your Interests

This is an important service the Tempe Chamber provides for you. We watch out for you as your elected representatives make decisions impacting your business.

A Guide to a Happy New Year!

A Guide to a Happy New Year by Mary Ann Miller, President/CEO Tempe Chamber of Commerce

A Season of Thanks

In November, I celebrated 15 years as President/CEO of the Tempe Chamber, and January will mark 20 years since I was hired as Public Affairs Director. It’s only fitting that these anniversaries fall near days set aside to give thanks, to reflect on the past, and to plan for an even better year ahead.

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