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Proposition 206 Has Unintended Consequences for East Valley Care Providers

We want to continue to serve this vulnerable population, but need the Legislature and the Governor to increase funding for the care of those with disabilities as soon as possible during the 2017 Legislative session, otherwise the passage of Prop. 206, coupled with the funding cuts of the past, will jeopardize the health and safety of Arizona’s most vulnerable residents.

Arizona Legislature Update: Net Metering Proposed, Supreme Court Upholds District Maps, Prop 123 Up for Vote

Arizona Legislature Update: Net Metering Proposed, Supreme Court Upholds District Maps, Prop 123 Up for Vote

New to Arizona? Don’t be a Victim of the Scorching Summer

If you’re new to town or starting the school year at Arizona State University, you might not realize the risks that the heat brings with it. There are some practical things you need to do to make sure you’re as safe and comfortable as you can be.

Watching Out For Your Interests

This is an important service the Tempe Chamber provides for you. We watch out for you as your elected representatives make decisions impacting your business.

Travel Tips for Super Bowl Visitors

Visitors to Phoenix and Tempe Arizona can use these travel tips to ensure a smooth experience at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, car rental facilities, public transportation and lodging.

East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance Releases 2015 Legislative Priorities

The East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA) has released its 2015 Priorities.  Advocating for sound principles of economic competitiveness, the organization’s top goals for 2015 are: Fair regulation that promotes free market competition Well-balanced tax reform Strategic study of long-term transportation funding Simplified funding for school systems Reforms to Arizona’s initiative processes Read the […]

Vote or Stop Complaining

On Nov. 2, Arizona has 10 state propositions to decide, school district bonds to consider, a governor’s office up for grabs, and congressional and US senate seats in flux. Tempe also is voting on who will fill the legislative seats in District 17 and 20.

Territory of Love and the Love of Territory

We took advantage of all that was offered to us. We did only what was good for ourselves. We didn’t take care of what we had. We used up all of its goodness.
So it is with our great state – Arizona.

Make Sacrifices to Get Through Tough Times

In good times and in bad, very few people can afford everything they want. We all make choices.

Come on Legislators, Take the Plunge!

Arizona is currently challenged by the deepest economic crisis to face it since it joined the United States of America nearly a century ago. Its citizens are looking to the leaders of this great state to steer a course through this storm.

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