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US Senator Jeff Flake Meets With Tempe Chamber of Commerce Leadership

In a roundtable on January 26 with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce staff and board of directors, U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) highlighted Arizona’s economic relationship with Mexico as well as upcoming congressional priorities in Washington.

Federal Rules for Overtime Pay are Changing

The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the minimum labor standards in the US. They have issued new rules for overtime that will go into effect in 2016

Three Principles of Business I Learned from Playing Sports

I thought it would be fun to compare my twenty four years of playing and coaching rugby to show that I believe that rugby was part of the learning basis for being involved in business and the starting of businesses.

The Tempe Chamber is Looking out for Business

Armed with our policy agendas, Tempe Chamber staff can analyze proposals to see if they fall under its tenets and advocate accordingly. We partner with other organizations both to make our voice stronger and to forge workable compromises.

Tempe Residents Say Business Development is Their Top Priority

The newly released Tempe Resident Survey reveals that economic and business development is the #1 concern for residents of Tempe, Arizona.

Tempe Chamber Leads Groups Growing Businesses, Profits

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce has carefully developed three leads groups that have proven to be a formula for success. The group members advocate and promote other members while passing qualified business leads to one another.

The Value of Competition

Be it networking, professional development or advocacy, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce exists to make doing business in Tempe attractive and profitable.

Business Spotlight Blog – We Want to Showcase You!

As a new benefit to our members, we are adding a Business Spotlight feature to our blog. We welcome submissions using the specifications and form at http://bit.ly/TCCblogme.

How to Build Business Value in a Recession

In an economy when many of us are tempted to bury our heads until the shooting is over, smart business owners are realizing that this may be the perfect time to acquire smaller, less adaptable, less capitalized or less well-managed competitors.

Affordable Advertising with the Tempe Chamber

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce recently introduced a new media kit with several options to help you promote your business directly to other Chamber members at affordable prices.

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