May Message from President & CEO Anne Gill

Author: Anne Gill

Anne gill There has never been a more difficult time for businesses, as we navigate the pandemic and economic recovery. We have faced many unknowns and have had to change our lives and lifestyles to protect ourselves and our community.

So many of our Tempe businesses have been impacted and through no fault of their own, are experiencing the most stressful time of their business life. Many have had to close, furlough employees, or dramatically change the way they do business. Even as we work to flatten the curve, we know the road to recovery will be long, but the strength of that rebound ultimately rests in our hands. To continue to move our business environment forward, we still need to remain vigilant as we enter the most critical phase of recovery. 

We have been working overtime to advocate on your behalf at all levels of government to ensure Tempe businesses like yours can rebound and recover. The direct feedback and insights from our members, including the results of several impact surveys conducted with the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance, help shape our recommendations to our elected officials. Through twice-weekly calls with the City of Tempe and Governor’s office, as well as direct communication with our federal officials, the voice of our members has been heard. That support has arrived in various ways, such as relaxing temporary sign codes, downtown parking enforcement, and rent relief; the creation of the Buy Now Save Local merchant program; implementation of the Economic Assistance Loans through Desert Financial Credit Union and backed by the City of Tempe; and draft liability legislation to help protect businesses as they reopen.

Collaboration and teamwork are part of our DNA, and we will continue to work with our community partners and elected leaders until Tempe businesses have rebounded and are back on their feet. Thank you to our business community for your courage and resilience. And thank you for supporting the Tempe Chamber as we will not stop supporting you.