Moving During the Holiday Season: Six Tested Tips


Moving during a holiday might be unavoidable when you’re planning to relocate. This might happen because of a tight schedule imposed by a new job, for example. The holiday season can introduce a myriad of problems during an already stressful move, so having a strategy in mind can be extremely helpful. Obstacles and challenges like finding another pair of hands to help, adverse weather, traffic congestion, and closed storage facilities, are something to keep in mind not only for yourself but for those around you.

Here’s a list of the top techniques and tips for dealing with holiday moving:

1. Stay Alert to Weather Changes

Stay aware of the temperature ranges in Tempe, which can be as low as 35 degrees in the winter and as high as 110 in the summer. Though Tempe doesn’t quite get snow – rain or hail are still weather possibilities that would impact your move.

2. Plan Your Route

Make your logistical plans well in advance. Getting from the departure location to your destination requires plenty of extra logistical planning during the holidays. Account for traffic, weather, hotel reservations, storage facility closures, and closed businesses. This makes it more difficult to get last-minute supplies or book a hotel room. Another factor to consider is the rise in drunk driving during the holiday season and how it may affect your driving, especially if you’re driving a vehicle with moving materials that you usually don’t drive.

3. Figure out How to Finance the Move

Holidays can drain your credit and cash reserves, and it’s easy to underestimate the amount of money you’ll need to cover the moving costs. Talk to family and friends, or whoever your support system is if you need advice on how to finance the move…they may be willing to lend a helping hand.

4. Create a Packing System

Some people find it helpful to clear a separate room or large space for packing. This will allow you to place your supplies in one place. You can bring items in to be boxed, wrapped, and labeled in a methodical manner. You can have extra boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, labels, scissors, and other containers in an adjacent closet. Pack the most important items first because you’re more likely to keep track of these items when you’re still fresh and energetic about the move.

5. Take Care of Your Family’s Morale

During the holidays, it’s important to keep the festive energy going even during the move. This can include playing each person’s favorite song or preparing activities for the younger children who will need something fun to do. Give them coloring books or puzzles, and make sure to check in on them to see how their activities are coming along. Mention secret gifts that await them once they get to the new home, and make sure to build the suspense in a way that keeps their minds occupied on their future presents.

6. Reward Everyone After it’s Over

Once the move is finished, consider creating a soothing atmosphere and invite everyone to enjoy watching a movie or lounging around listening to beautiful music. Create this atmosphere in the main area even if you decide to just relax in the bathtub. You can always join the rest of your family in the middle of the film. Make some hot tea and consider limiting the number of guests you invite over during the first few nights. This will allow you to bond with your family while enjoying some downtime after a holiday move well done.


Final Tips and Techniques

Make a strategy for staying positive even when you’re not feeling good. Create little experiences along the way that make the moving process more fun, lighthearted, or entertaining. For example, consider taking photographs at milestone moments that help to re-frame the experience later when you place them in the family album.

You can take photos near unique landmarks in Tempe to capture a specific moment in time, for example. A photograph near the palms of the iconic St. Mary’s Church or the historic Ash Avenue Bridge in the background can help to create a sense of closure. Review these photos after settling into your new home.

No matter how you organize the move, give yourself plenty of extra time. Low Budget Movers in Tempe recommends up to a month or even more. All the tips listed above will go more smoothly when you have enough time to realistically accomplish these steps. In general, give yourself much more time than you think you need. You can always use the leftover time to celebrate or take a nap if you finish ahead of schedule.


This article was written by Tempe Chamber member, Low Budget Movers