October Ambassador of the Month

Author: Ayrianna Drayton

Gary Johnson

TCC: What type of business services or products do you provide?

Gary: I’m the Marketing Director for Gilcrease Law and we specialize in personal injury, wrongful death, and brain injury. We have one location in Tempe, AZ and one in Apache Junction, AZ.  

TCC: What are some exciting things happening in your business?

Gary: Since Gilcrease Law deals with personal information and cases, I can’t release too many details in regards to our business but for me personally, this is really exciting being October Ambassador of the Month. A few years ago, I was Ambassador of the Quarter so you could say this sort of thing isn’t new for me. I enjoy being involved in this committee and attending the chamber’s monthly networking mixers.

TCC: What is your background and how did you come to be in this business?

Gary: Well, I graduated from Arizona State University in 1968 with a degree in Economics. After graduation, I worked for a couple of major companies such as Ford. Eventually, I decided to go into business for myself and after many years decided to retire. After I retired, things slowed down and I got bored most days so I decided to contact a long-time friend of mine, Glynn W. Gilcrease Jr. We sat and talked for a while and he voiced how he really wanted to be more involved in the community so I said, “I can help you with that!”

I started working as the Director of Marketing at Gilcrease Law and attending Tempe Chamber events. Now I’m able to engage with members of the Tempe community not only on my behalf but Gilcrease Law. 

TCC: What are your special interests?

I’ve been heavily involved with my church, and now I sit on their Finance Committee. I love to read, in fact, one of my favorite books is titled ‘Truman’ by David McCullough. I love to read about history and I dapple in watching the local news a few times a week.