Pulse of Business Survey Results

Author: Elizabeth Mueller

In March the members of the Tempe Chamber, in partnership with the Greater Phoenix Chamber and three other valley Chambers participated in the Pulse of Business Survey, which aims to analyze the challenges and triumphs that businesses face across the Valley.

The Pulse of Business Survey helps to provide a unique perspective of how businesses are impacted by and adapt to key state issues. Among the issues that businesses face here in the Valley are the availability of labor, cost of labor, and employee retention. However, businesses are seeing an increase in investments that are contributing to growth, an increase in the quality of newly hired employees, and a positive impact from Arizona state lawmakers and the passage of new tax cuts and job acts.

Every quarter the Phoenix Chamber sends out a new workforce survey with questions tailored to current issues in hopes to better understand and address challenges that are prevalent within the business community.  For more information on the Pulse of Business Survey, visit www.phoenixchamber.com/econdev .

View and download the FY19 Q3 Pulse of Business Results