Pulse of Business Survey Results FY2020 Q1

Author: Elizabeth Mueller




            Every quarter, the Tempe Chamber in partnership with the Phoenix Chamber and other chambers across the Valley, conducts a business outreach survey that aims to help better understand the needs and concerns of chamber members throughout Maricopa County. During the first quarter of FY2020, 224 businesses participated in the Pulse of Business online survey and below are the aggregate data rating the regional business climate, quality of individuals seeking jobs, and general concerns of business leaders and partners Valley-wide.

Two of the largest struggles that plagued the business community during the first quarter were data and personal information security in the workplace, and health plans and cost-sharing. Approximately 198 businesses in total agreed that these are rising issues within their community that has drawn increasing concern for employers and employees.

Regardless of these concerns, about 73% of businesses have rated the regional business climate as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. In relation to the positive business climate, more than half of businesses surveyed have stated that the quality of employees that have been hired within this last quarter have been ‘excellent’ and that 50% of businesses plan on increasing their staff within the next twelve months. 

In light of the major concern of employee health plans and cost-sharing, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce with its the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA) partners is launching a health insurance affinity discount plan to help East Valley employers save money on health care premiums and provide a robust wellness plan and quality care to their employees.

As the ever-changing health care arena has proven difficult to navigate, the EVCCA has teamed up with Lifestyle Health Plans to offer a different kind of health solution for East Valley businesses. The plan boasts a robust wellness component with consumer-driven incentives and is offered to employers with two or more employees, with no limitations on the industry sector. Incentives include deductible and cashback credits for wellness activity, free telemedicine, free lab services, free diabetic testing supplies and more.

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce offers several other resources and programs for employers and employees that contribute to the health and success of the local economy. On October 25th, the City of Tempe is hosting its annual State of the City address, which is a great resource to hear first-hand from Mayor Mark Mitchell about what is happening in Tempe. This event lets residents and business leaders know what the city is doing to maintain our quality of life and to build Tempe into a strong regional partner.

 For more information on the Affinity health plan or to register for the State of the City address, please visit www.tempechamber.org.