Tempe Chamber Marketing Intern Graduates

Author: Ayrianna Drayton

Armando SanchezEach year the Tempe Chamber invites college interns to gain valuable work experience through support roles within the organization.  Just over four months ago, the Tempe Chamber welcomes Arizona State University (ASU) student Armando Sanchez to join the team as its Marketing Intern. He says his experience as a Marketing Intern was “nothing shy of amazing” and taught him life-long lessons that he can carry with him as he enters his professional career.  

“I am so thankful to have worked with such a thoughtful and generous team. They were always helpful and took the time to educate me on new ideas or tasks. I appreciate their willingness to have me as part of the team,” said Armando. “Sukki Jahnke, my direct supervisor, was not only an exceptional mentor but a great leader. My idea of how a chamber operates on a day-to-day basis completely changed as my appreciation for the Non-Profit Industry grew.”  

“Armando has been a tremendous help by taking ownership of several key marketing projects that will help us communicate more efficiently with our members. His contribution to our teamwork has made a lasting mark on the organization,” said Sukki.  

Armando completed his internship with the Tempe Chamber on April 29th and will graduate from ASU’s College of Integrative Arts in early May. He has earned his Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Digital Audiences and Marketing. Armando is also working to complete a Certificate in Sales and Marketing Essentials and plans to return to ASU and work toward a Master’s degree in Digital Audiences Strategy.   

“After graduation, I plan to continue working for Wells Fargo as a Personal Banker in order to fulfill a prior obligation. After my time as a Personal Banker, I would like to seek career opportunities in Marketing within Wells Fargo or other Phoenix-based companies,” said Armando. “Growing up in Phoenix was wonderful and after high school, I knew I never wanted to leave. I look forward to building a career in Arizona and will be forever grateful for my time spent with the Tempe Chamber.”