The involvement of representatives from many of the Chamber’s member employers allows us to pursue and carry out an ambitious program of work focused on building a stronger economy, a healthier business climate and quality of life for Tempe. Participation on a Chamber committee provides the opportunity to work with some of Tempe’s top business, professional and community leaders and gain valuable leadership, management, and teamwork experience while working to develop programs and address issues of importance to our business community. We encourage you and/or members of your organization to become involved in one or more of our committees.

Simply call the Chamber at 480-967-7891 for further information or to volunteer.


Jim Hall
To represent the Chamber and its members through mentoring, guidance, visibility and by communicating the Chamber’s vision and goals in the business community.

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  • Help new members learn about the benefits of belonging to the Chamber and encourage them to become active members.
  • Represent the Chamber as the official hosts at ribbon cuttings, grand openings and other events.
  • Help the Chamber recruit new members and retain existing members through orientation and introductions to current members.
Business Innovation and Strategy Council
Brian Stinson
The PEAK Fleet
To provide education and resources to chamber members in a variety of productive, user-friendly formats in order to impact their businesses in profitable and beneficial ways.
  • Serve as a committee-driven search engine to locate and implement new technologies, apps and resources to benefit businesses and connect them with consumers.
  • Study and advise on emerging technologies and how businesses can employ them.
  • Establish programs and training opportunities to foster business growth.
  • Foster networking, leads and growth through the Coffee Connection leads groups.
  • Advise on potential Chamber benefit programs.
Business Owners Forum
Felicity Blackwater
Felicity Blackwater
Purpose Community
To facilitate owner-to-owner information sharing in an environment that promotes confidential and open dialogue with the purpose of solving challenges faced by business owners, as well as to share insights and ideas to enhance your business and foster a viable economic climate.
  • Provide monthly meetings with timely and valuable topics of discussion for business owners.
  • Provide an opportunity for business owners to network with other local business owners.
  • Keep business owners up to date on current topics affecting the business community.
Economic Development Committee
Tom Binge
Renaissance Financial
The Economic Development Committee (EDC) will identify and develop projects to facilitate the Tempe Chamber’s role in economic development. The EDC will create task forces that build Tempe’s workforce readiness, generate high skilled jobs, enhance Tempe’s ability to keep and attract talent, and help businesses grow.
  • Maintain and sustain a healthy economic environment
  • Attract top business and community leaders to serve at the Committee
  • Ensure growth initiatives – business and residential – meet community needs and vision and consider related infrastructure investments
  • Influence the development of initiatives and programs that balance the demands of economic growth with community quality of life issues
FUEL Young Professionals
Curran Walia
Curran Walia
Conscio Marketing
To empower young professionals as stewards of the business community through professional development while enhancing personal networks to foster Tempe’s current and future business leaders.
  • Fostering community engagement with Tempe non-profit organizations
  • Uniting young professionals to develop business relationships
  • Engaging Tempe’s business and community leaders
  • Leading Tempe to a vibrant future through professional development
Government Relations and Transportation
Ashley Bunch
To make a bottom-line impact for members by advocating for a favorable business climate through interactive public policy engagement, and providing ongoing representation and information in government at local, state and federal levels.
  • Analyze and develop a public policy agenda on issues that affect members of the business community based on member input.
  • Lobby elected and appointed officials on Chamber issues.
  • Maintain and enhance the Chamber’s presence at the Arizona Legislature.
  • Host issue forums and candidate debates throughout the year with City, County, State, and Federal elected and appointed officials.
  • Meet with and develop relationships with Tempe congressional representatives.
  • Work with other business organizations on common priority issues.
  • Disseminate information through newsletters, website and social media.
  • As needed, utilize an ad-hoc local government subcommittee to research local issues and/or create local position statements.
  • Represent the business community as an advocate for multi-modal transportation.
  • Working collaboratively with other chambers in the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance
Military Affairs
Kevin O'Brien
Ecolife Construction
To act as representatives for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and the city of Tempe. To promote good fellowship and mutual understanding for and with the United States military communities. The committee is open to the public and past or current military service is not a requirement to join.
  • Facilitate a favorable and mutually rewarding relationship between the business community and military units in the Valley.
  • Host awards luncheons where an outstanding member of the National Guard or Reserve receives recognition for his or her service.
  • Host an annual trip that is open to public.
  • Increase membership and committee attendance at Tempe Chamber mixers
  • Honor and recognize local high school and college students in the ROTC programs.
Sustainability Committee
Eddie Fredericks
WorkingAware, LLC
To recognize and champion sustainable businesses in Tempe, while providing education and resources to all Tempe Chamber Members who would like to adopt or enhance sustainable methods and practices.
  • To advise, educate, and promote to Chamber members, best methods and practices as they relate to prolonging natural environments, economic vitality, and healthy communities.
  • To be at the forefront of driving long-term sustainable value for our members and the business community.
  • Promotes an environment to ensure that the business community has the flexibility and policy tools it needs to succeed.
  • To find and promote the appropriate balance between the economic and environmental aspects of the community to ensure sustainability for current and future generations.
Tempe Leadership
Dawn Hocking
To identify a diverse group of emerging leaders and foster their leadership skills through education and experiences with exposure and service to the community of Tempe and beyond.
  • Facilitate involvement in the Tempe community to sustain qualified citizens, employees and leaders to keep our community strong and vibrant.
  • Educate Tempe citizens on programs, services, businesses and government agencies available in the Tempe community.
  • Develop long-lasting service to the Tempe community through yearly projects benefiting the citizens and visitors of Tempe.
Women in Business Council
Roxy Helman
United Dairymen of Arizona
To foster the growth and success of women in business through ongoing personal and professional development, in order to improve Tempe businesses and the community.
  • Organize and plan seminars featuring empowering and inspiring speakers to help individuals explore self-discovery and mastery.
  • Provide networking opportunities to meet with other business professionals.
  • Ensure the continued viability of the Leadership Conference and its mission of reaching, achieving and celebrating success.
  • Sustain a dynamic mentoring program to develop high potential Tempe Chamber of Commerce members by coaching them to reach for and achieve their full potential.
  • Select and pay tribute to the Business Woman of the Year, celebrated at the Leadership Conference.