Women in Business Mentor Program

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The Tempe Chamber of Commerce and its Women in Business Council are proud to present the 2016-2017 Mentoring Program.

Through the program, selected participants will gain an understanding of their true self through assessments and workshops. They will learn how to assess their values, create a vision for their life and live with purpose and passion.

They will benefit from the program by developing into stronger, more capable leaders while increasing their business acumen and learning how to grow into positions of greater importance and value.

The Mentoring Program will take place from December 2016 through May 2017 and culminate with a graduation ceremony at the 2017 Women in Business Conference. Monthly organized events are complemented by one-on-one meetings and outings between the mentors and their protégés.

Various workshops and activities will be scheduled to contribute to the protégés’ individual development plans and to create an atmosphere that enhances the relationships and communication techniques between the program participants.

Applications for the 2017-2018 program will begin being distributed and accepted in October, 2017.  Questions? Email sean@tempechamber.org.

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Here’s what some previous participants had to say about the program:

“This program set me on a new course in life! The very first week of the program I had some major breakthroughs about my own personality and how I had been hiding who I really was to please others. After that session I went straight to Barnes and Noble to buy an ‘ideas book’ and have kept it ever since, and it has helped me to rediscover who I am and brought me great joy and confidence!”
– Jennifer Wagner, Protégé, University of Advancing Technology

“How wonderful to meet ambitious, positive, successful women in the professional community – such a refreshing experience. This process was worthwhile because it was the first time that I have had a community of women interested and invested in my professional growth and development for no other reason than to support and encourage.” – Melody Johnson, Protégé, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

“The Mentorship Program was for me a great opportunity to connect on a different level with men and women who have and are making a significant impact on our community. My protégé, Jennifer, was an inspiration to me. She’s an ambitious and driven young woman who has a fresh outlook on her future. She marries drive and compassion with creativity that will continue to shape her career and ongoing success. She was by far the highlight of the program for me.” – Vicki Kringen, Mentor, TCH