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More Customers Than Tempe Chamber Members Can Handle.

That’s a Good Problem!


The Tempe Chamber of Commerce has created an inaugural Affinity Partnership with Hownd™, a Tempe-based company that generates the effortless foot traffic Chamber merchants need to grow their business and consistently generate more profitable revenue.

The Hownd foot traffic generation platform requires no effort or expertise on your part and broadens your exposure to thousands of nearby consumers by delivering your promotions through an elegant combination of web, social media, email, and the free MyHownd™ consumer mobile app.

Launch Your Offer Today & Have a Jolly Holiday Season!

The “Hownd for the Holidays” campaign broadens awareness of your holiday promotions to consumers throughout Arizona who are using the MyHownd™ mobile app. This campaign launches on November 20th so we encourage you to learn more and sign up as soon as possible.

Special Hownd Offer for Chamber Members:

Our partnership means the Hownd platform is available as part of your Chamber membership. You can create an account in only five minutes with a free Starter plan or upgrade and get a 10% Chamber discount on the Essentials and Plus plans. And through their Pay-Per-Visit™ pricing model, members who sign up for the zero-risk Starter plan only pay Hownd when it brings them customers.

How It Works:

Once opted-in through a simple enrollment process, Hownd launches promotions on your behalf. Members determine the value of their promotion. Those promotions are then distributed through multiple digital channels to create more visibility among local consumers. Consumers who have downloaded the MyHownd™ app from the App Store or on Google Play can easily redeem a member’s special offer when at their location.

how it works

How to Sign Up:

Chamber members interested in signing up for Hownd but would like to learn more can visit

You can request a demo:

Request A Demo


You Can Launch Your First Promotion now: 

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