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Tempe and Beyond: What’s Going On In Politics

National/State/Local: Week of May 28th - June 1st





Gov. John Kasich of Ohio penned an op-ed yesterday urging Congress to solve the DACA crisis once and for all. The clock is ticking. Yet the House of Representatives, in particular, seems incapable of taking action, frozen in place by its present leadership and Washington’s toxic politics. Fortunately, there is a way for a determined, bipartisan majority of members to go over the heads of that leadership and move a DACA bill toward consideration in the House.




Not everyone has to go to college. Many businesses are having trouble finding skilled trade workers and truck drivers. Employers have tried to combat this problem by increasing wages and creating enticing employment packages.




The tariff feud between the United States and China is far from over with China vowing to fight back if the United States goes forward with a new tariff hike. China has threatened to raise tariffs on American goods such as soybeans and beef. The American Chamber of Commerce in China said companies are uneasy about the threat of export and investment controls but see them as a possible way to make progress on longstanding complaints about market access and investment curbs.






That’s a wrap! The 53rd legislative session ended on May 4th at 12:26AM. This was one of the most eventful sessions in recent memory for a multitude of reasons. The hot topics this year were sexual harassment, opioids and education. Governor Ducey shares his achievements, challenges and what Arizona’s future might look like.




A new study says two of the fastest growing cities in America are Phoenix and…Buckeye! Phoenix saw the second-biggest increase among cities in the nation, adding 65,852 new residents over the course of the year, or almost 66 people per day. The report also said Buckeye saw the fifth-fastest growth rate in the U.S. last year among cities with more than 50,000 residents. Buckeye added more than 3,800 people, according to Census estimates, a 5.9 percent growth rate that brought its estimated total population to 68,453.







It will be strange to see a car with no human driver, but that’s exactly what Waymo plans to do in the coming months. You’ve probably seen dozens of Waymo vans cruising through parts of Tempe and Chandler, but they have always had someone in the driver’s seat. The CEO of Waymo explains why that’s no longer necessary. There will still be an engineer in the back of the vehicle and we can expect to see these true driverless cars driving around the Phoenix metro area in the next few months.





The City of Tempe was notified today that Governor Ducey signed off on the city’s initiative to stop the flow of dark money in city elections.  Tempe voters approved the initiative banning anonymous contributions that are over $1,000. This does not apply to non-profits and a select few other groups, but the initiative will now almost certainly face legal hurdles.