Membership Levels



We are excited to transition to a membership model that gives our members more value and more choice while strengthening our Chamber. You choose your annual level of membership based on the Chamber services and benefits you value most and the investment you want to make in a stronger business community and a stronger Chamber.

We are able to increase the value of Chamber membership by offering innovative benefits, programs and services, with this improved membership investment structure. Your support helps us strengthen our successful business, economic development and advocacy work.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Community Champion Level


You lead our community in giving back & you want to make it a better place to live, work & do business. Your investment fuels our work to build a sustainable community where business thrives. Recognize your role in advancing our community and as a top investor.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Community Investor Level


Your company values its legacy and strives to channel that prestige towards a more prosperous future. You're known for giving back and you want to make this a better place to live, work, and play. As a key partner, your investment supports our ability to strengthen our economy.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Community Leader Level


High-level leadership is important to your community-minded organization, and you’re looking to attend the most valuable programs and events in the region. Your business is primed to influence the direction of public policy and share the room with an elite group of leaders and influencers.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Leader Level


You care about the greater picture–for both your business and surrounding community. Here’s your chance to begin establishing your business as a community supporter and contribute to key business and advocacy efforts. You’ll help shape a more prosperous and business-friendly community.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Builder Level


You're a growing company looking for exposure, awareness, and to build on your burgeoning success. While you're busy cultivating your customer base, we provide you with essential tools for growth, plus the enhanced visibility and attention you need to elevate your community presence.

Become a member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Small Business Level


You’re a small business of 25 or less, learning how your products and services fit into the larger ecosystem. Through educational workshops and relationship-building opportunities, this membership level opens the door for you to build your business and enhance your marketing reach.


For the entrepreneur or business professional interested in a pay-as-you-go option that puts you in the driver's seat to choose the engagement level that fits your needs.


The Tempe Chamber is exempt from federal income tax as an IRS 501(c)(6) organization. Dues payments are ordinarily deductible by members, except for the percentage related to state and federal lobbying activities. The total nondeductible percentage of your annual contribution is 5%. Membership benefits expire annually on your renewal date. All offers subject to change and availability. Other restrictions may apply.