Tempe recognizes the importance of having a healthy business community and a healthy residential community, and the city’s charge is to create an environment where the two can flourish.

Whether it’s an established venture or one seeking a new home, Tempe ensures that all businesses are welcomed. The desire to continuously improve has resulted in a business development and redevelopment process that allows for creativity in design and simplicity in application. Homebuilders, multi-family developers and commercial ventures all thrive in Tempe’s business mix.

Tempe’s development philosophy represents a new understanding of how a community works. But this understanding of creative commerce doesn’t stop with the development process.

Arizona State University’s Tempe campus lies in the heart of downtown Tempe, putting the city in a unique position to partner with the university and foster a dynamic interaction. In addition, the city is considered a center of excellence in education with 44 percent of adults holding college degrees.

Tempe understands and values the contributions of our business community. It has created an environment that nourishes its growth. The worldwide competition for business, industry, high-paying jobs and knowledgeable workers is intense. But Tempe has a strategy that will keep it competitive by fashioning a sense of place that appeals to those who value creativity, individuality, diversity and an appreciation of the eclectic.

Tempe’s urban form mirrors our community values. City Hall is an upside-down pyramid enveloped in glass, symbolic of the transparency of city government. The award-winning downtown exudes soul from the red brick buildings to the tree-lined streets. Multi-modal paths meander through the community and allow for easy navigation by bicycles, skateboards, skates and wheelchairs. Bohemian urban living spaces where one can work downstairs and live upstairs coexist with neighborhoods of ranch-style homes.

Everyone can feel at home in Tempe. The city’s prosperity lies in the strength of those attracted to the community, a strength that will keep Tempe competitive for a long time to come.