Tempe prides itself on being the Valley’s most authentically urban destination. While Tempe is home to more than 171,000 residents, at least 100,000 visitors come to Tempe each day to work, shop, attend Arizona State University or to enjoy Tempe Town Lake.

Tempe is among the Valley’s oldest communities and maintains many traditional neighborhoods. The comfortable blend of historic buildings and modern ideas is drawing new residents and stunning new housing developments.

More than 47 percent of Tempe’s 68,000 housing units are single-family homes. Multi-family housing predominates the northern part of the city, near the central business district and Arizona State University campus.

For example, the West 6th Tempe apartments bring an urban lifestyle to the Tempe rental market. Phase I of West 6th, a 22-story residential tower, incorporates mixed-use retail and restaurant space on the ground floor. Phase II, a 30-story residential tower, gives the community a total 375 apartment homes.

Additionally, 421 West 6th St. is a 24-unit townhouse development in the heart of downtown Tempe with homes ranging in size from 1,552 to 2,270 square feet.

In Tempe’s southern portions, emphasis is on subdivisions of homes built around several picturesque lakes.

New projects currently under development are expected to attract thousands of new residents into the downtown area in the near future.