Chairman’s Message

A Letter From the Chairman of the Board

Dawn Hocking

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. Henry Ford

I am very lucky to have grown up and worked in Tempe all of my life.  It is exciting to see how the community continues to transform.  Having the opportunity to be this year’s Board Chair is an honor.  Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated and diverse leaders with the goal of creating a strong, vibrant community. In the last year, we have been through a great deal of change; this has led to a stronger Board of Directors and a comprehensive strategic plan.  We have a vision and goals that will create a greater impact for everyone in the Tempe community.

Through business involvement, partnerships with the City of Tempe and Arizona State University we have opportunities to create programs that will meet the needs of all types of businesses and grow our future work force.  One important component of these partnerships is knowing how to advocate on behalf of the members, to ensure regulations and policies do not have a negative impact on the success and growth of the business community.

We want to hear from you.  What needs and challenges will your business face this year?  How can we help?  I encourage every business to get involved in the Chamber.

Together we are able to face the challenges ahead and create a community we are all proud to work in.

Dawn Hocking

Chairman of the Board
Tempe Chamber of Commerce